Fundraising instructions:

  1. YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL PAY THE TRAILMEN - Trailmen families should request the customer to pay the Trailman’s family, not the Troop, for Fundraising products.
  2. TRAILMEN WILL PAY TROOP - At the end of Fundraising Campaign, the Trailman’s family should submit payment for the Fundraising products by clicking on this link = Trailman Fundraising Payment LINK. Make sure to select the correct item for sale and enter Trailman’s name and dollar amount Total.
  3. TRAILMEN WILL KEEP ORDER FORM - At the end of the Fundraising Campaign, the Trailmen’s family should open the online order form at this link = Online Order Form LINK  On this shared file enter the needed information and the total amounts from the form. If you need help on how to enter information bring your order form to a Tuesday night meeting.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA FUNDRAISING OPTION - Trailmen families can also utilize social media as a fundraising opportunity. A suggestion is to use Facebook and post the fundraising items for sale. Families can create a [free, secure] VENMO account the customer can use to pay the Trailman’s family. For instructions on how to PRINT your own VENMO QR code = VENMO QR INSTRUCTIONS
  5. DONATE TO THE TROOP - If a customer does not want to purchase Fundraising products, please ask if they would be willing to make a donation via the troop DONATE button on Let your customer know they will receive a receipt that can be used on their taxes. To help the customer, the trailman should give the customer a Thank You Business Card with the troop weblink with a donate button and email address.
  6. CONSIDER THE FUNDRAISING MINIMUM or FAMILY DONATION - If your family decides not to participate in Troop 942’s Annual Fundraising Campaign. PLEASE consider give a donation based on the trailman minimum fundraising target. DONATE HERE LINK


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