Fundraising instructions:

  • - CUSTOMERS WILL PAY TRAILMEN - Trailmen families should request the customer to pay the Trailman’s family, not the Troop, for Fundraising products.
  • - TRAILMEN WILL PAY TROOP - At the end of Fundraising Campaign, the Trailmen’s family should submit payment for the Fundraising products by clicking on this link: Trailman Fundraising Payment to Troop 
  • - TRAILMEN WILL SUBMIT ORDER FORM - At the end of the Fundraising Campaign, the Trailmen’s family should email their order form to or give a hard copy of their order form to the fundraising coordinator.
  • - DONATE TO THE TROOP - If a customer does not want to purchase Fundraising products, please ask if they would be willing to make a donation via the troop DONATE button on  To help the customer, the trailman should give the customer a Trailman Thank You Business Card with the troop weblink with a donate button and email address. 

Click here for the Troop Donation link:  Donation site 

Click Here for the Trailman Thank You Business Card 

  • SOCIAL MEDIA FUNDRAISING OPTION - Trailmen families can also utilize social media as a fundraising opportunity.  A suggestion is to use Facebook and post the fundraising form. Families can create a [free, secure] VENMO account the customer can use to pay the Trailman’s family.  Click here understand how Venmo works and how to create an account: VENMO INFO  


Fall general fundraising early October

Order Form at Trail Life Connect